What is a Heal Ultra Nutrition Club?

Obesity is influenced by factors such as rising income, urbanisation, shifting lifestyles and genetic aspects. It is a growing concern in Malaysia as diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke and chronic diseases are reaching worrying levels. Recently, Malaysia’s Health Minister warned that the country is facing an obesity epidemic, and just over half of the population is either overweight or obese. By comparison, 20 years ago, only 4% of Malaysians were considered obese. According to the latest estimates from the World Health Organisation (WHO), almost 14% of the country’s citizens fall under the ‘obese’ category. A further 40% are overweight.

In the last 45 years, fat and sugar intake has increased by 80% and 33% respectively.Heal Ultra Nutrition club provides a wide range of services and programs to cater communities health and wellness needs. The club provide a social atmosphere environment where people from different ages and background can be acquainted with each other. Our center offer a convenient way to create a community experience which you can get good nutrition and interact with our trainer to prepare you for a healthier lifestyle. We provide good nutrition to replace your breakfast and dinner meals. Our meals consist of a liquid based food, we have our shake, aloe vera and tea as one meal which satisfy your hunger and nutritional needs of one staple meal that Malaysian eat every day.

In our club we educate our customers with new topics and information health and wellness for them to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Our trainers offer personal training programs for weight loss, gain weight and fitness. We can provide our customers with workout programs weekly and regularly.Another service that our club offer is the development of AI technology to monitor your health. Our technology will provide you an indication of how much effort you’re putting into a workout by targeting different heart rate zones. The system allows you to focus on either burning the fat or improving your stamina. It can also monitor your heart rate, advising you from falling into the training traps of over or under-exerting yourself. The system monitors and guides you on the most direct path to your goals.

That’s why heart rate monitoring is always a good idea, during each and every workout or even monitoring it in a normal resting stage. Our system are always in touch with these two numbers for the purpose of heart rate monitoring: the resting heart rate and the maximum heart rate. The resting heart rate is the value measured in a resting state, without any physical exertion. If you’re in a good state of health, it will generally be between 60 and 100 bpm. Those of you who are exercise regularly might have a lower heart rate. The max heart rate is the bpm measured at maximum exertion and a simple rule of thumb for calculating this figure is to subtract your age from 220. More accurate values can be obtained through our system by taking readings of your own heart rate or undergoing a performance test.

Regular exercise helps many of the body systems function better (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, 2008) and also a key for losing weight. Recently, study by Dunstan DW et al. (2010) has found that subject who spends more time watching television and sitting has higher chance to die earlier than a person who is physically active. According to Patel AV et al. (2010), sitting for hours may change body metabolism which promote to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Hence, subject should start to plan the daily activity with more physical activity, such as jogging, running, bicycling, swimming or light activity like walking briskly.

In order to maintain physically active, subject need to monitor the fitness level continuously, where it can motivate to exercise constantly and stay fit. Nowadays, there are mobile applications that can track the improvement in particular sports and also set the goal for losing weight. One of them is Runtastic, which is used in our study as a second method to track the information like distance, duration, pace, calorie burned and most important is the heart rate. This study uses the information obtained to support the experimental results and monitor health’s condition during exercise. Currently, the system is in the process of upgrading into a fully Integrated Health Management System (I-HMS) and is expected to have its prototype ready by the middle of the year and will be fully operated at the end of 2020.

Heal Ultra Nutrition club is supportive of community setting for people to focus on good nutrition through the use of Heal Ultra products. Community experience – club attendees and guest can familiarize themselves with Heal Ultra products in a social atmosphere allowing us to create a personal relationship with you while you get good nutrition for your body.

We can also provide personal trainer, a social support group for you to be on track with your transition from your usually diet to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Usually, normal people do not have the will power to maintain a diet drink and exercise regularly and this is true to the majority of the people. In the richer parts of society they have a solution to diet and exercise will power problem, they hire a personal trainer that help you get where you want to be. This is a “for-hire” personal support group. Heal Ultra Nutrition club trainer is another valid mechanism of getting personal support and it’s a great approach on society today.

What offer does this Nutrition Club provide?

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Aloe vera drink that we provide offers positive effect on digestive element in our body. It gives great nutrients for you intestine, promotes great absorption when breaking down food and flow into your blood stream. Can reduce colon and intestine cancer.

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Our tea remedy is special, the cinnamon use is known to be a substitute for sugar, its great for diabetic patients, its full of great aroma an. These combinations helps to detox your body and give you energy while it burns you excess fat and turn it into energy.

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Our shake, its extraordinary with all its ingredients. The shake gives you all the nutrition you need in just two meals, good amount of protein, collagen, healthy fat, fibre, carbs and more.

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