Integrated- Health Management system (I-HMS)


Based on the sales projections by Euromonitor International (“Euromonitor”), vitamins and dietary supplements in Malaysia will continue to enjoy strong sales growth going forward. By 2019, Euromonitor forecasts sales of vitamins and dietary supplements to reach RM2.2b (USD669.3m) from an estimated RM1.9b (USD572.6m) in 2014. In addition, the high level of internet-savvies among Malaysians could have a two-fold impact: one, in terms of increasing the awareness of health-related issues, particularly with the advent of popular health websites such as, WebMD and; and two, in the form of greater retail sales of health care supplements through online channels. As such, technological advancement in the Malaysian society could lead to greater demand for health care products.

To overcome the current knowledge deficits and methodological inconsistencies in this area, an ECG Biomarker Analysis System for monitoring and analysis of human health was developed by HEAL ULTRA PLT. The company encouraged the forming of Nutrition Clubs where members can benefit from the bio ECG marker to monitor the status of their heart. An Integrated – Health Monitoring System (I-HMS) was developed by the company where the bio ECG marker health technology together with its product of good nutrition, varieties of programs and education would hopefully make way for its members or customers to achieve optimum health. I-HMS can monitor long term physiological signals and its data would be evaluated to track the performance of subject health’s condition based on the selected ECG parameters. The usefulness of I-HMS is to guide and improve the implementation of decision support system that can be used in sport, clinical field as well as the monitoring of normal health of the ordinary people.


4th Industrial Revelotion

Artificial Intelligence such as Deep learning (DL) have provided solutions in many fields, such as image analysis, natural language processing, and expert system, biometrics, biomedical and is seen as a key method for various future applications. With the development of deep learning, innovative deep learning methods have been developed by the company to provide health technologies’ effectiveness solutions.

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Integrated- Health Management system (I-HMS)

Smartphone applications and wearable sensors have the potential to help people make healthier lifestyle choices, but scientific evidence of mobile health technologies’ effectiveness for reducing risk factors for heart disease and stroke is limited, according to a scientific statement from the American Heart Association, published in the association’s journal Circulation. I-HMS provide the technology and the scientific analysis when consuming its health product for optimum health benefit. For example; Aim for a heart rate of <110 beats per minute (bpm) Maintaining this rate requires less medication than more stringent rate control, resulting in fewer side effects and no increased risk of cardiovascular events.

Malaysia is rated as having the highest obesity rate in Asia, with 45.3% of its population classified as obese based on a 2014 Lancet medical journal. Gender-wise, 49% of Malaysian women and 44% of men were rated as obese. Based on the statistics compiled by the World Health Organization (WHO), ischaemic heart disease and stroke were the top two causes ofdeaths in Malaysia, collectively accounting for more than 30% of total deaths. Thus, eating well, proper health activity and eduction on the rhythem of the heart are the key essentils for proper maintenanmce of a person health


HEAL ULTRA is nutrition, weight management and technology based company. The club facilitates activities, including exercise classes, nutrition coaching, weight loss education, social activities with technology based health monitoring system.  As an example, one of the objectives of our Nutrition Club is to facilitate weight loss through the provision of calorie-controlled food product as meal replacements. Through the use of technology with Artificial Intelligence and complex algorithm, the effectiveness of program activities and the impact on nutritional status on our customers will be closely monitored with scientific analysis.  Given the broad reach of I-HMS, which extends to communities at high risk for obesity, it is important to understand their potential public health impact by examining behavioral and cardio metabolic outcomes.


The company will also employ digital marketing strategy to achieve company goals through carefully selected online marketing channels. These channels include paid, earned, and owned media, and can all support a common campaign around a particular line of business. It will also analyze the digital assets and channels that have been used, including website, blog content, social media account, word-of-mouth, native advertising, Google Adwords and paid advertising. The motivating factor for the company to leverage on digital marketing is that Google and Facebook have proven that they generate more revenue than any traditional media, that’s why digital marketing matters.


Provide ECG technology (linear relationship between the heart rate and ECG) that can be used to optimize all programs in the Nutrition Club for health:

  • The heart rate during the entire life monitoring could provide the biomarker of the health of the subject• 
  • The result from the heart rate can benefit in providing information to subject health at different intensities: Resting ECG and Act
  • Employing the ECG features in monitoring subject health progress could extend information in several aspects, for example in detecting symptoms of heart disease and deficiency in blood
  • 14 ECG parameters

The wealth of information provided by I- HMS is the key driver for consumer purchasing. Consumer awareness would be the main efforts of the company, to increase marketing efforts aimed directly at consumers. Such marketing focuses on new product innovation and the enhanced effectiveness and safety of products. This strategy will successfully influenced a wide range of consumers with increased credibility to the role I-HMS can play in contributing to preventative healthcare.

– Company  aims are not to compete with big vendors but to target a niche market by using our own locally made products, local technology, provide health awarness education WITH SMART MARKETING Cardiology Specialist,Hospital Tun Aminah, Johore.

Currently, the company is working very closely with expert cardiologist from Hospital Tun Aminah, Skudai, Johore Bahru.  This is important to ensure that our research and development is on track with sound advice from the required specialist.

Cost–benefit analysis is done to estimate the strengths and weaknesses of alternatives used to determine options which provide the best approach to achieving benefits while preserving savings. It is a simple technique that can be used for financial decisions and is being applied to I-HMS with home grown technology compared it with the nutrition cost of product which depends on local or international supplier for its cost. Simply put a Cost Benefit Analysis is made to identify how well, or how poorly, a project will be concluded. The cost benefit analysis for the use of home grown technology shows that by dividing the proposed total cash benefits of a project by the proposed total cash costs of the project is significant showing better profit margin when compared to the nutrition product. Developing our own technology by using the know-how will eventually create jobs for our people without totally relying on foreign investors for this purpose. The eco system between the local industry and universities can then be developed which can then give rise to the development of local standard and policies with the intervention from relevant ministry in order to propel the economic growth of the country.


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